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Alex. 24. History student studying in Vancouver, originally from the great mothership England. Mostly I write Avengers fic, take stupid pictures of things around my apartment and post them, and tag things with comments that I think are hilarious. I also like comic books.

Tandy: What are we now?
Ty: We’re those people you read about… like Spider-Man and the Hulk.
Ultimate Spider-Man #27

Casting Ultimate Cloak and Dagger because I just caught up on Ultimate Spider-Man and I love them. <3 

Hayden Panettiere as Tandy Bown

Sinqua Walls as Ty Johnson.

Ty Johnson and Tandy Bowen, student council presidents at Forest Hills High School and Midtown High School respectively, are hit by a truck on their way to prom, leaving them both in comas, essentially brain dead. Roxxon Brain Trust, a subsidiary of the Roxxon Corporation, see their chance to test out a new kind of super soldier serum. The experiment doesn’t go quite as planned, and Tandy and Ty escape their captors, but are left to fend for themselves, not knowing what their powers are, or how to control them.

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